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Preprocessing out apostrophes from Message text in Log Analyser

I was going to start with my problem, instead ill ask another more OBVIOUS question:

Why can't we just pick varbinds to create/compose a message text from?

This has been done since the dawn of SNMP time, and for the life of me I can't figure out why solarwinds has removed / doesnt offer this for SNMP traps any longer. its just made the whole SNMP trap receiving painiful

Anyway - on to my issue:
As I am forced to use SQL substring to get the message i want as an alert message - I come across issues with apostrophes inserted into the event message. Oracle OEM is a classic case - even its test message has apostrophes in it. This has the effect of breaking the substring function as it stops when it sees an unexpected apostophe.

Has anyone managed to get around this?

I thought about calling a script to parse it out and then resubmit as a trap, but seems longwinded.



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