Question about working around to auto add devices that are currently flagged in Message Center as "Unknown Log Node" -> "Message from Traps dropped since [IP] is not monitored on engine [POLLER]"

I see in the documentation (Add unknown nodes to the SolarWinds Platform)  that "Messages received from an unknown network node are discarded until you add the device through Node Management. ".

Is there a way around this that doesn't involve manually adding nodes *after* messages come in? Like turning this feature off, allowing nodes to post SNMP/Syslog via subnet/IP range, or auto adding nodes when the message comes in (yes this one probably isn't a great idea)?

I just upgraded to 2024.1.0 and LogAnalyzer's behavior (it just now replaced the old SNMP/Syslog tools on the orion server) is a bit different than we are used to.  we have a lot of nodes sending SNMP/Syslog to the system that were not in the system and are not planned/wanted to be.  they were using it to alert on their traps/syslogs, vs "we need to have this added to Orion". I can see how it has to be added 'for licensing" or something, but I'm really just looking for a way to not have to manually add the nodes myself as other teams (who will not add teh nodes) configure their remote devices to send snmp/syslog to Orion. NOTE: They are not sending 'all the SNMP/syslog from their devices' just some filtered stuff, per some previous discussions years ago about how much of this traffic our system can handle).