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Kiwi Syslog Filter & Hightlight features request

I've compiled these over a period of time and organized per associated feature:

  1. Can't see "Welcome Admin | Logout | Help | Support" menu items using Firefox browser if have wide bowser page.  Seems the background is very light and the text is white.  This only happens when the window is wide.
  2. Filters - ability to move up and down to organize into groups and troubleshoot like highlights.
  3. Filters - enable/disable checkbox like in Highlighting for each rule even if changes lo
  4. Filters -The "Event Field Data Lookup" should just show that filters events - not all the filtered events
  5. Filters - I would really like regex to be available.  Could have fewer filters if this worked.
  6. Highlighting - Would like them to be sharable so other users can use them i.e.  'public'
  7. Highlighting - name for each item or description so know what it's for
  8. Highlighting - would like to be able to make Public for these like filters
  9. Highlighting - use ANY color in highlighting - seems can't from what I can tell
  10. Performance - Local Help files put some info about performance like how many filters or highlights or lines per page can you have.  If have too many will it just slow down or will it stop working?