Forward "traps" to Orion NPM

We want to use Kiwi to perform initial filtering of our trap and syslog messages, and then pass only the items we want to Orion NPM for association with nodes and (possibly) alerting.

This works fine for syslog since the "forward to another host" function was built for that.

But traps are a problem.

First - the trap message is "blobbed" into a single message string so that you can't parse out one trap variable (ie: a varbind) from another.

Second - traps can't be forwarded transparently (it can in other tools, and even free tools like net-snmp)

Third - traps can't be forwarded *at all*, so you have to pick a specific trap OID for your rule

What I'm asking for is either:

1) support for actually forwarding a trap transparently, as the "forward to another host" option does for syslog...


2) allowing the "forward to another host" option to support variables so that we can build our outbound message using the trap's varbind elements and pass THAT to Orion NPM so that the ultimate alert is something readable.