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Email Reports

Email Reports – daily digest, weekly stats etc

Add functionality to send reports with list of messages / events for certain period of time e.g. hour/day/week

  • Even some basic reporting capabilities would be a HUGE improvement.

  • A lot of this is scriptable, but it would be nice to have this capability out of the box. I would even go so far as to request hourly reports, but what I would like to see with this more, is a breakdown of the current e-mail alerts. I can get an e-mail if I receive 0 messages total, but I have to script something to alert me if I receive 0 messages from a specific device, and likewise, the max threshholds are sum totals as well and while the stats are accumulated, you cannot get alerted if a single device goes over a threshhold without scripting it specifically.

    It would be nice to also be able to list out your devices in the configuration and check boxes as to whether or not you want them included in specific alerts and reports.