Send as syslog, at received trap message

I want to receive SNMP Trap on KSSNG, and send them message as syslog to other hosts.
I'm currently using legacy v9.8, am able to this.

How can I send received traps as syslog on KSSNG?
Considering migration legacy KSS to KSSNG, but I'll be in trouble if I can't use this feature.

Currently, evaluating KSSNG v1.2.0.4

  • I want to check it from another angle.

    When setting Action to 'Send Syslog message' in KSS v9.8,
    KSS send received Syslog and SNMP Trap to another host.

    Action 'Send Syslog message' in KSSNG v1.2 is,
    Sending Syslog to another host,
    SNMP Trap will not be sent.

    Has specification changed?
    Or is it a defect?

    Does anyone know?