Syslog server web UI, not responsive

I am trying this product out, and here are my impressions:  

Environment: KIWI Server runs WS2022 HV Guest 12gb, 4 core

3 ethernet switches syslog, 1 fw > SMTP Traps - This should be an easy test load with less than 10,000 log entries per day.


The Web UI becomes unresponsive.  I log out and back in, and data doesn't populate the dashboard or is a few hours old.  I can login to the server C:\ProgramData\Solarwinds\KiwiSyslogService\logs and look at files in the LOG folder and see that events are being captured.  The WEB UI, will not function as intended until I bounce the service on the server.

If you restart service, all of the data from before the restart is NOT available on the GUI.  It is available as a .txt LOG, so it seems that logs displayed on webUi are not fetched from .txt logs.  Is this by design?  WTH good is the GUI, if you can't search data that is a few days old prior to a reboot?

This application doesn't seem scalable for more than a handful of devices.  I believe a database of some soft is needed for speed and reliability.

Basic options like changing HTTPS ports are not apparent in setup.


Filters word good enough most of the time

Easy to use and configure, Dash looks good.

Works fine for syslog messages.  Works great for SNMP Traps, with privacy and encryption.

I would not spend $450 for this application.  Better off using something else that is RELIABLE and will display, search and filter data.