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no log shows on Kiwi Syslog Web Access

I am having kiwi syslog 9.5 installed.

I choose to install as service and also installed the web access.

The syslog console opened fine and I see logs on displayed and also to file.

However, with the web access, it shows nothing (what so ever).  I checked the Setup on Console Manager and see that under Rules i have 2 exact same option for "Log to Syslog Web Access".  Everything under that options checked.

But I still see no log on web access.

1) I tried to uncheck all the "Log to Syslog Web Access".

2) Closed the Console Manager and reopened it

3) Checked mark one of the 2 optioins "Log to Syslog Web Access" and everything below it.

4) Opened and log in to web access -> Still see nothing.

any idea?

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