Welcome to the Legacy Kiwi Syslog Server Forum

This is the original forum for Kiwi Syslog Server (now Legacy), focused on product version Kiwi Syslog Server 9.8.2 version and older.

On October 18, 2023, we released a New Generation of Kiwi Syslog Server (KSS NG) based on .NET technology. This new generation is equipped with a completely new UI, improved performance and security.

If you are looking for a forum dedicated to Kiwi Syslog NG, you can find it here.

We currently support both product generations, but we encourage you to migrate to Kiwi Syslog Server NG as we will continue to develop this product in the future.

All customers with active maintenance of Legacy Kiwi Syslog Server can download the KSS NG within their license without any additional costs. You can find more information about Kiwi Syslog Server NG here.