Kiwi Syslog Server NG (New Generation) Technical Preview 2 announcement

We would like to announce Kiwi Syslog Server NG (New Generation) Technical Preview 2.

This release follows Kiwi Syslog Server Beta program and Technical Preview 1 and includes the following improvements

  • Performance and stability improvements
    Performance and stability has been improved and stabilized for long-running servers under heavy loads.

  • Migrate legacy rules to Kiwi Syslog Server NG
    Migrate rules from your legacy KSS environment to KSS NG using a new migration tool available in Settings. This is the first version of the migration tool, which will support more filters and actions in upcoming releases. To set up your migration, see Migrate rules to KSS NG in the KSS NG Install and Getting Started Guide.

  • Other improvements
    The Messages per Sender data in the Top Hosts widget has been redesigned for improved clarity.
    The Events filters have been improved to include more consistent configurations.
    General fixes and improvements.

For information about requirements, see KSS NG system requirements.
For information about installing and working with KSS NG, see the KSS NG Install and Getting Started Guide.

Download Kiwi Syslog Server NG Technical preview 2 now from your customer portal.

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