Kiwi Syslog Server NG (New Generation) Beta program announcement

We are pleased to announce that the Kiwi Syslog Server NG Beta 1 is now available, and we would like to invite Kiwi Syslog Server users and those interested in this product to participate in the Beta program.

Kiwi Syslog Server NG is a new generation of this legendary product newly based on .NET technology, equipped with a completely new web-based UI that removes the limits of the original product and takes it to the next level.

If you are interested in being a part of the beta program of the new generation of Kiwi Syslog Server, please fill out the following short registration form.

Please register for this program by February 10, 2023. We will make the beta program forum available to a group of participants based on available capacity and the provided THWACK ID. The beta program THWACK forum will have the beta version of the product available for download and other information needed to provide feedback.

As a small thank you, beta program participants, who submit the feedback will receive 2,500 THWACK points to buy swag at the THWACK Store.


Kiwi Syslog Server NG Team

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