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HP Procurve Software updates

Dear community,

I would like to be able to update our HP procure switches via the Kiwi cat tools software.

So far I did not succeed to get it done without any errors :-(

The problem happens during the tftp copy operation, when executing the command:

copy tftp flash x.x.x.x hp/2620/RA_15_10_0010.swi primary

It's not getting back to the prompt immediately, instead some kind of upload progress is shown

When enabling debug  I see this:


WFMDRetVal=1 Waiting for: "Invalid input:"

WFMDRetVal=2 Waiting for: "rebooting the system"

WFMDRetVal=3 Waiting for: "[confirm]"

WFMDRetVal=4 Waiting for: "[y/n]?"

WFMDRetVal=5 Waiting for: "Delete filename ["

WFMDRetVal=6 Waiting for: "sw-aalst-2-1("

WFMDRetVal=7 Waiting for: "sw-aalst-2-1#"

WFMDRetVal=8 Waiting for: "New password"

WFMDRetVal=9 Waiting for: "password differs"

WFMDBuffer="y[13]00009k [13]00019k [13]00029k [13]00039k [13]00048k [13]00058k [13]00068k [13]00078k [13]00087k [13]00097k [13]00107k [13]00117k [13]00126k [13]00136k [13]00146k [13]00156k [13]00166k [13]00175k [13]00185k [13]00195k [13]00205k [13]00214k [13]00224k [13]00234k [13]00244k [13]00253k [13]00263k [13]00273k [13]00283k [13]00292k [13]00302k [13]00312k [13]00322k [13]00332k [13]00341k [13]00351k [13]00361k [13]00371k [13]00380k [13]00390k [13]00400k [13]00410k [13]00419k [13]00429k [13]00439k [13]00449k [13]00458k [13]00468k [13]00478k [13]00488k [13]00498k [13]00507k [13]00517k [13]00527k [13]00537k [13]00546k [13]00556k [13]00566k [13]00576k [13]00585k [13]00595k [13]00605k [13]00615k [13]00625k [13]00634k [13]00644k [13]00654k [13]00664k [13]00673k [13]00683k [13]00693k [13]00703k [13]00712k [13]00722k [13]00732k [13]00742k [13]00751k [13]00761k [13]00771k [13]00781k [13]00791k [13]00800k [13]00810k [13]00820k [13]00830k [13]00839k [13]00849k [13]00859k [13]00869k [13]00878k [13]00888k [13]00898k [13]00908k [13]00917k [13]00927k [13]00937k [13]00947k [13]00957k [13]00966k [13]00976k [13]00986k [13]00996k [13]01005k [13]01015k [13]01025k [13]01035k [13]01044k [13]01054k [13]01064k [13]01074k [13]01083k [13]01093k [13]01103k [13]01113k [13]01123k [13]01132k [13]01142k [13]01152k [13]01162k [13]01171k [13]01181k [13]01191k [13]01201k [13]01210k [13]01220k [13]01230k [13]01240k [13]01250k [13]01259k [13]01269k [13]01279k [13]01289k [13]01298k [13]01308k [13]01318k [13]01328k [13]01337k [13]01347k [13]01357k [13]01367k [13]01376k [13]01386k [13]01396k [13]01406k [13]01416k [13]01425k [13]01435k [13]01445k [13]01455k [13]01464k [13]01474k [13]01484k [13]01494k [13]01503k [13]01513k [13]01523k [13]01533k [13]01542k [13]01552k [13]01562k [13]01572k [13]01582k [13]01591k [13]01601k [13]01611k [13]01621k [13]01630k [13]01640k [13]01650k [13]01660k [13]01669k [13]01679k [13]01689k [13]01699k [13]01708k [13]01718k [13]01728k [13]01738k [13]01748k [13]01757k [13]01767k [13]01777k [13]01787k [13]01796k [13]01806k [13]01816k [13]01826k [13]01835k [13]01845k [13]01855k [13]01865k [13]01875k [13]01884k [13]01894k [13]01904k [13]01914k [13]01923k [13]01933k [13]01943k [13]01953k [13]01962k [13]01972k [13]01982k [13]01992k [13]02001k [13]02011k [13]02021k [13]02031k [13]02041k [13]02050k [13]02060k [13]02070k [13]02080k [13]02089k [13]02099k [13]02109k [13]02119k [13]02128k [13]02138k [13]02148k [13]02158k [13]02167k [13]02177k [13]02187k [13]02197k [13]02207k [13]02216k [13]02226k [13]02236k [13]02246k [13]02255k [13]02265k [13]02275k [13]02285k [13]02294k [13]02304k [13]02314k [13]02324k [13]02333k [13]02343k [13]02353k [13]02363k [13]02373k [13]02382k [13]02392k [13]02402k [13]02412k [13]02421k [13]02431k [13]02441k [13]02451k [13]02460k [13]02470k [13]02480k [13]02490k [13]02500k [13]02509k [13]02519k [13]02529k [13]02539k [13]02548k [13]02558k [13]02568k [13]02578k [13]02587k [13]02597k [13]02607k [13]02617k [13]02626k [13]02636k [13]02646k [13]02656k [13]02666k [13]02675k [13]02685k [13]02695k [13]02705k [13]02714k [13]02724k [13]02734k [13]02744k [13]02753k [13]02763k [13]02773k [13]02783k [13]02792k [13]02802k [13]02812k [13]02822k [13]02832k [13]02841k [13]02851k [13]02861k [13]02871k [13]02880k [13]02890k [13]02900k [13]02910k [13]02919k [13]02929k [13]02939k [13]02949k [13]02958k [13]02968k [13]02978k [13]02988k [13]02998k [13]03007k [13]03017k [13]03027k [13]03037k [13]03046k [13]03056k [13]03066k [13]03076k [13]03085k [13]03095k [13]03105k [13]03115k [13]03125k [13]03134k [13]03144k [13]03154k [13]03164k [13]03173k [13]03183k [13]03193k [13]03203k [13]03212k [13]03222k [13]03232k [13]03242k [13]03251k [13]03261k [13]03271k [13]03281k [13]03291k [13]03300k [13]03310k [13]03320k [13]03330k [13]03339k [13]03349k [13]03359k [13]03369k [13]03378k [13]03388k [13]03398k [13]03408k [13]03417k [13]03427k [13]03437k [13]03447k [13]03457k [13]03466k [13]03476k [13]03486k [13]03496k [13]03505k [13]03515k [13]03525k [13]03535k [13]03544k [13]03554k [13]03564k [13]03574k [13]03583k [13]03593k [13]03603k [13]03613k [13]03623k [13]03632k [13]03642k [13]03652k [13]03662k [13]03671k [13]03681k [13]03691k [13]03701k [13]03710k [13]03720k [13]03730k [13]03740k [13]03750k validating and writing system software to flash..."


I created a support ticket for this issue, and they asked me to create a feature request for this. (see ticket:  Case #419956)

It would be really awesome that kiwi cat tools recognises this upload progress pattern and juste waits till the upload is done. (optionally with a configurable time to wait)

I really hope this FR will be on the todo list for an upcoming release.

Thanks in advance.


  •  - God Bless, you have no idea how long I was trying to get this to work!!  THANK YOU for sharing how you did it!!!

  • If it helps anyone, I'm running CatTools 3.11 and still having issues with the firmware update which seems to wait indefinitely after issuing the 'copy tftp flash x.x.x.x RA_16_01_0007.swi' command.

    I'm using the following commands as a workaround, which does throw a load of errors, but at least gets the new firmware image uploaded.  I run a separate CatTools task to issue a 'reload at xx:xx' to reboot and apply the new firmware in our scheduled maintenance window.

    %ctUM: Timeout 10

    %ctUM: EchoOff

    copy tftp flash x.x.x.x RA_16_01_0007.swi