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IBM As 400 volume not capture the proper value

We are facing problem to monitor IBM AS400 for volume size. current volume size on node end 22TB. but solarwinds fetching the data 4.2 TB only. I have raised a solarwinds support case. they said that,

hrStorageSize from HOST-RESOURCES-TYPES MIB reports incorrect size for filesystems >16TB as for the case of node (xxxxxxxx) which has an actual size of 22 TB.
This was a known limitation for the SNMP polling more than 16TB
net-SNMP can't represent large number and what it  does is to truncate it to accommodate in 32 bit which results in wrong value.

I would like you to explore this article snmpd.conf(5) - Linux man specifically In the Host Resources Group Section where it explains tweaking the SNMP agent in OS level (applicable only to some distros of Linux), to artificially inflate the size of the hrStorageAllocationUnits to properly represent the larger TB size volumes

Could you please let us know, if you are faced same kind of issue, if yes how resolved it. Please help on  this.