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ipmonitor cannot send alert email

Using version 11.1.1.  This instruction for 11.0 seems to be outdated.

  • I am new to ipmonitor, would appreciate any help given.

    More details on this issue:

    This is the 11.0 instruction:  

    1. Log in to the ipMonitor web console.
    2. Click the Configuration tab.
    3. Go to Site Settings > Email Delivery.

    I cannot find Site Settings under the Configuration tab,

    there are: 

        My Settings

        System Settings

    Which does not get me to Email Delivery and Email Action. 


  • Are you able to relay E-mail outside of ipMonitor?  Are you logging into ipMonitor with an admin account?

  • Yes I am login as admin.  Not sure what I did but the alert email is working now when the Monitor Host goes up or down.  But having issue with getting a device outage email alert.  Is there a ipmonitor 101 tutorial?