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Possible bug in HTML/ASP monitor introduced in the last release (free version)?

After upgrading a previous free version installation 10.9

The HTML/ASP monitor will not work with HTTP any longer for anything other than Head only monitoring.

The monitor DOES work from HTTPS now (which was the feature added) in the release I believe.

The error reported is always:
I received this error for the check:
`The server redirected to an unsupported protocol`

If I use `curl` from command line shows correct response with no errors.

If seems like the HTML/ASP that is supposed to be HTTP only (and not the Header only check) is being forced over HTTPS?

  • Known issue, answer from support in november after upgrading to 11.1  :

    > This issue has been identified as a bug for the HTML/ASP monitor, for now, the workaround is to enable the option [Use HEAD
    > request to save on bandwidth] so that the monitor will be able to access the target page and provide the results.

    We went back to the old version. (11.0.1)