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ipMonitor 11.1 is Now Available - New VMware ESXi monitor

I am pleased to announce ipMonitor version 11.1 is now generally available for download from the Customer Portal.
Version 11.1 introduces new possibility to monitor VMware ESXi hosts and continues the work of improving ipMonitor user interface. This new version includes:

  • VMware ESXi monitor
    The VMware ESXi monitor allows you to collect system health information from an ESXi host system. When you create one or more VMware monitors on a host system, ipMonitor collects the system data from the host server using the vSphere API, processes the data, and displays it in the user interface.

  • Updated Device Discovery Wizard
    The wizard includes a redesigned user interface with an option for discovering VMware ESXi host systems in your network. You can choose the performance objects you want to monitor (such as CPU and memory).

Use Dashboard to see all critical data
in one customizable view.

Add and monitor ESXi hosts
using VMware Discovery wizard

Organize and see the status of all the devices and monitors in your network.




To see the all the details of this release, visit the Release notes.

Check out the ipMonitor documentation in the SolarWinds Success Center