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It would be nice if IPAM could show a search result based on Subnet range  detail instead of showing every IP address as the result. I cover about 500 offices and  it would also be nice that if I type the name of the office  on the search that it would give me all SUBNETS associated with that office instead of every IP address.

  • All,

    I've created a new post for how I've fixed this search in my company. 

    IPAM Search - Extensions For You

    This is a broken down version of what I've done, but basically this will allow you to search for Display Name and Descriptions.  Then, shows you the results and allows you to click on those results and it will take you right to your IPAM.

    Please let me know what you think.  Like I said in the post - I've added extra custom fields to my subnets / supernets like addresses, country, states, etc. and added those to my search - so I can search for everything in "France" for example - but for this post, I only put in Display Name and Description for simplicity.

    Hopefully it works for you.

  • this looks great!!

    I'll check it out in detail over the weekend

    THANK YOU for sharing this, you obviously spent alot of time on this.

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