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It would be nice if IPAM could show a search result based on Subnet range  detail instead of showing every IP address as the result. I cover about 500 offices and  it would also be nice that if I type the name of the office  on the search that it would give me all SUBNETS associated with that office instead of every IP address.

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  • Like - can you search for subnet / supernet descriptions in IPAM?  Not to my knowledge.  I'm still on 4.5,and use my search tool, which is OK, to be honest.. .because I have a search bar on my network team portal that allows you to search and find things without going to the tool.   But still crazy they don't allow a search in the tool.

  • Yes, I was able to search for descriptions and find them with SolarWinds IPAM's current version.

    For example, my building's name is "Peerless".  I have that name included in subnets for the building, and also for some Fixed or Reserved addresses in those subnets.   searched for that word and came up with the expected subnets and entries in IPAM for  my building.



    I expect the only catch is that you must include appropriate descriptions or keywords in each subnet in DHCP for them to show up in SolarWinds IPAM.

    My company uses Infoblox DHCP and IPAM, but I also have SolarWinds IPAM installed as part of NAM.  I was able to easily set it up to discover, scan, and automatically import changes from Infoblox into SolarWinds IPAM, and the results are exactly what I wanted.

    I'd say this Feature Request has been successfully filled.