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Exporting/Importing Subnet List

We are in need of a feature to import and export custom made subnet lists from a .csv or .xls file, without importing or exporting each individual IP address inside of the subnet. This would make reporting and having a network address overview more convenient for auditing and upgrading purposes.

  • This FR has almost 300 votes and it's not being worked on yet?

  • Hello,

    Are there any news regarding this FR?

    We require the option to export all our DHCP records in excel format but also keep the tree structure.

    As it is right now IPAM exports each subnet in a single excel.

    We use many custom IP node fields and have also designed a very deep tree structure with Group Folders. Having the option to export both volume and structure in a single excel will be ideal.

  • I'd like to see better exporting from Solarwinds, i'm trying to export the description field for subnets and it won't let me select the Description field on the right...


    The Description field when I export the spreadsheets contains :

    Hardware: Intel64 Family 6 Model 45 Stepping 7 AT/AT COMPATIBLE - Software: Windows Version 6.1 (Build 7601 Multiprocessor Free)

    It does not contain :



    as above...

    I guess it is exporting the IP address Description rather than the wider view Subnet description.

  • My feature request above is somewhat similar to the one here. Except it builds on a concept of having options to enhance and enrich the export and import for IPAM. You have my upvote. I'm hoping I can get some to if those reading this comment like the idea and concept behind my request.


  • This seems like such an easy feature to add.  I'm staring at the data I need right now, yet there is no export button to export only a list of subnets.

    For example I have someone in another dept other than mine(NOC) asking for the following...

    •Site•Subnet•IP Range•Subnet mask•Default gateway•Network Type and Speed(MPLS, DMVPN)

    The first 4 items I can see if go into "Manage subnets & IP addresses" and click on "discovered Subnets" on the left pane.  it gives me everything I need on the right pane.  There is an export button but it exports a list of every IP in every subnet I have checked...exported to individual excel spreadsheets wrapped up in 1 zip file.  I'm unsure who this feature is handy to...

    Yet if I could have a button to simply export the screen I'm looking at(mind you I have 6 pages of subnets) I would not be typing this now.

    The last item I was asked for Network type could easily be pulled from NPM Custom Properties if that were allowed, but as far as I know it is not.

    Oh and don't get me started on why Network Sonar in NPM doesn't mesh with IPAM.. that seems like a no brainer.  Instead I'm forced to hand feed Network Sonar subnets...and only 4 at a time or it errors out in my case.

    I know it seems like I'm bitching, but really I'd just love these features added.  Thanks.