IPAM server after starting can't ping any address

I stucked with problem, recently I've noticed that my ipam server can't ping any addresses. I reloaded windows server and before starting ipam services I could ping any address, after ipam services started I couldn't

  • It could be environmental or a problem with the IPAM itself.  I would suggest to open a support ticket.  For starters, when you say IPAM services, are you referring to the Overall Orion services?  Furthermore, how many IP Addresses do you have in IPAM?

    I had a similar issue before and I was not able to fully resolve it.  I isolated it by disabling all the IP Address Status Polling(did this via datamanager) and started to enable them per subnet.  What I found out is that it hits a random number and it somehow affects the ICMP polling it also started to mess with the NPM module.

    SW claims it is an issue within the environment and was not able to resolve it.