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Scan Job status: "Subnets in Queue"

Is this "expected normal" operation of IPAM or if we start getting subnets in queue is it indicative of polling getting a bit behind or something?  

We have a consistent list of "number of" subnets in queue (about 70), though the subnets themselves are getting scanned eventually (meaning: the subnets in queue aren't always the same, as if stuck in queue). The "Polling engine" page -> Polling rate is 0%,of its maximum rate and the other polling engine stats look ok.  I don't know why IPAM will not "ramp up" to at least clear out the queue as the CPU and memory on the server are not taxed at all. It appears IPAM will only run like 4-5 scan jobs at once...which seems odd if its actually queueing.

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