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IPAM scanning: Can we tune/set how many scanning threads are used? Also: CPU Cores?

Background: We added quite a few more subnets to IPAM than we normally have, and they are "larger than normal" for us (like /16's). IPAM is suddenly queueing up scans and not able to complete them on time (the default 4 hour interval).

I have adjusted the ICMP and SNMP settings in the "Scan settings" to not have timeouts be a major delay on large, mostly empty /16's, assuming this helps somewhat..

I know I can change the "scan interval" on the subnet to something longer than every 4 hours (and I'm going to likely do that anyway. I didn't add these subnets so i have to have some meetings first with those teams).

we have added more memory and CPU to the IPAM server, and it appears to not be using all the CPU cores evenly. like the scanning is single threaded or something (a guess).


- Are there any other settings that can be changed (like hidden in the global Admin IPAM config, or in config files)? Like "run 100 scans simultaneously" or "Increase parallelism"? Anything that can more utilize the resources on the server, allow other small subnet scans to complete while the large ones run? I'm familiar with the subnet level configurations (where the 4 hour scan time resides), and the "Manage subnet scan settings" page.  Surely on a product that has a main focus of 'scanning" has more configurable scan settings?

I'm just looking for options and what's available for tuning before I bring up "things we can do" with the other teams that manage and utilize our IPAM.