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IPAM in a static environment

Hello There...

I'm in need of some help please,

Just started IPAM in my closed, DHCP'less (only static) environment and am having some trouble in getting data in the IPAM module.

My network is based on Checkpoint Gaia appliances at remote sites connected via VPN to a Checkpoint appliance on the main site.

The checkpoints are my L3 devices for all sites (some sites have several VLANs)

When I add a new subnet to the IPAM, without entering it's L3 IP address for neighbor scanning some sites show me hostnames without MAC addressess and some sites do not show me hostnames at all, again, without MAC addresses.

For the first scenario, once the scan is finished and the hostnames are shown, I enter the L3 ip address and then the MAC addresses are shown.

However, if initial scan finishes and doesn't show the hostnames, then no matter what happens or what I configure, the hostnames are never shown.

So my question is:

Any idea how to populate both hostnames and MAC addresses to the IPAM on a completley static network?


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