IPAM Orion Platform vs SolarWinds Platform

Hello, our Orion Platform, IPAM: 2020.2.5 has its EOL now. 
Do we then need to move to SolarWinds Platform?
What is the difference between both platforms?
Thank you so much
  • I am assuming you have a valid solarwinds license for IPAM.

    Yes you will need to move to the latest versions, post EOL you would not receive any support from SolarWinds as 2020.X is obsolete. If you want to continue with the same then you are always on RISK (if something breaks and if you cant fix it then its as good as not support from SolarWinds as well).

    SolarWinds Platform is a unified approach which is in sync with the futuristic approach, I would rather see it like this - the base functionality still exists but lot of things have changed in the latest versions.

    Its best for you to raise a support case with SolarWinds support understand more on the latest version that you would like to move to before you upgrade.

    Before you upgrade make sure you don't break anything that has been there for years in your existing IPAM setup (especially if you do have custom pieces in there). 

    Of if you aren't comfortable in jumping from 2020.2.5 to the latest version, go step wise move the next version which hasn't reached EOL or EOS yet - watch out for the differences between the versions.