FEATURE REQUEST : IP information initialization(Remove) processing by policy

The current IPAM method for initializing IP information is to delete all information when it becomes available.

IPAM Current Policy: Available -> Used -> Transient -> Available -> Remove All information

Want to: Available -> Used -> Transient -> Available -> Manually Update info not remove (If information deletion is necessary, delete by administrator/administrator)

I understand it to be a structure designed for IPAM's licensing policy.
However, it is considered an unnecessary design for customers using the IPX (Unlimited) Tier. It is more effective to be able to select a license counting method even if it is not IPX (Unlimited).

It is believed that the expected purpose can be achieved only if management information about IP can be maintained continuously.

[ List of options I want] ]
Option #1: Maintain existing policy
Option #2: Maintain user input information under any IP status

Solarwinds provides a good configuration feature called Advanced Configuration. It is believed that providing an option for license count in Advanced Configuration will result in more effective operation.

Many previously published Articles have also raised the issue of information updated by administrators or administrators in IPAM being deleted by policy.

I know that ideas and policies are important, but I think improvements in a good direction are necessary.

What are your opinions?