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Improve Alerting of Thin APs / WAPs / Access Points

The Problemwhen you monitor Thin APs (WAPs) then you need to ensure your polling cycle is greater than your alert "must exist for" condition.

Why is this a Problem: Well, the method used by SolarWinds is that when a WAP goes down, then on the first poll cycle it spots this (via the WLC) and triggers a node warning. This is as expected. However, on the next poll cycle if it is still down then SolarWinds "drops" the WAP from the DB and as such the down, warning, alert cycle will never complete.

Put another way, if you have a default poll cycle of every minute, but your condition must exist is greater than this, then the down alert will never get triggered.

The Current Solution: is to globally (or per APE) turn off the "RemoveDisappearedAPs" in the advanced config

This is less than ideal:  because every time a WAP goes down it now adds a "ghost" AP with the same name and IP that appears as a grey blob in the wireless view, and the only answer to this is to go and delete the ghost entries on a scheduled basis (either scripted or manually).

So what am I asking?: for a better approach to alerting of Thin APs. Especially as we move into a world that is now dominated by wireless connectivity. 

A secondary ask: on the back of the better alerting, then SolarWinds absolutely needs to address a complete re-vamp of their approach to WLC monitoring, reporting, etc...