how to calculate HCO license ?

Hi All ,

I new to solarwinds HCO.  So far I am on progress learning about HCO. 

I think HCO is good / value for money in terms of products, since its count per node. But I want to make sure about licensing scheme.

please help to answer whether my understanding is right / wrong.

If the customer have 50 physical servers  and  they split into 39 server used as physical server and another 10  installed 3 vm each ( 10 servers x 3 vms = 30 vms )  and 1 installed vcenter 

the needs is to monitor / observe all the servers includeing apps and OS and softwared installed in servers. 

so this is the features that I need from HCO:

NPM : to montitor for CPU , RAM, Network, Disc  utilization

SAM: to monitors App and OS services (win server 2019 / linux redhat)

SCM  to monitor software inventory 

Vman to monitor the VMs 

Total license that I need is 70 license ( bought HCO with 100 node license) ? 

it comes from : 39 physical servers + 1 vcenter + 30 vms ?