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Unable to deploy HCO from azure marketplace

Hi All,

Hopefully someone can help me. I appear to receive the following error message when attempting to deploy the Solarwinds hybrid cloud observability from the Azure market place. I get to the final stage and after an hour get the following error message (Microsoft.compute/virtualmachines/extensions  status conflict) appears. I can't seem to find any relevent documenation when deplying this product from the market place. 

  • Can you share any other details, regions used / data base type, or any error logs?

    I will have the engineering team verify but from my initial test, everything was completed within about 20 minutes.  

  • Hi Tony,

    Thank you for your response.

    To confirm it appear I have now got around this issue by selecting the os version of the deployment to be windows server 2022 instead of windows server 2019. As an FYI this was in UK west.

    Also hopefully this is helpful for someone, there was an issue with the hybrid cloud observability market place install in azure which would fail to complete because the cab files which were downloaded from the online installer had the wrong naming convention, azure would report that the deployment completed successfully however when you log into your solarwinds server hco would not be installed. I raised this with solarwinds and they have recently fixed the package so deploying hco from the azure market place should run smoothly.