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Error with install for HCO 2023.1

I am trying to setup a new dev instance in e:\program files\solarwinds. The main install seems to run fine, yes it included a sql express too. It is looking for files in the programdata directory. I have noticed that this folder is generally used for lots of stuff, even when you install in the non-default locations. So this is not a shock. The issue is - this file exists in the folder. I tried retry once already - no luck. Anyone else run into this?

  • Ok, I need to stop working. I am seeing things. The files are there, but the names are off. Here is what I noticed upon closer inspection.

    Update: Renamed files (there are 21), clicked on retry, and it completed. 

    FYI: I used the online installer if that helps. The offline installer may not have this issue. 

  • Yeah I noticed this one too, I believe it's a bug that got documented with the online installer, the offline installer didn't have the issue. The current version (2023.1.1) Fixes this issue with the online installer.

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