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Convert to HCO or keep Orion modules?

OK, so I have a customer who currently has LA, NPM, SRM, VMAN, SAM and NCM. They also have DPA. My thought is that they could convert to HCO Advanced, but I cannot tell if they would still need to keep DPA, or whether DPA functionality is covered with HCO. Can anyone help me with this decision?

Thank you in advance.

  • DPA functionality is not included with HCO.  They would need to keep DPA and do the DPAIM integration to maintain that level of functionality.  Same with WPM and SRM.

  • So, if HCO has been installed what should be done with the SRM module? Is there some sort of "integration" there too, or is that functionality totally lost? Try to find custom pollers in NPM as a workaround?

  • If you own the SRM module, you can just add that license to Hybrid Cloud Observability and it'll start polling.  I did that with my lab.

    • Hybrid Cloud Observability installed.
    • Added Hybrid Cloud Observability key.
    • Added Storage Resource Monitor key.
    • Added Web Performance Monitor key.

    Now I basically have everything that runs on the SolarWinds Platform.

  • Perhaps I should have said that the HCO is a clean install, not an upgrade of Orion Platform. So, would I use the Orion installer to install SRM and then apply the SRM license key?

  • Nope - the bits are already there, just not the key.

    Just go to your license manager and put in the key. (Assuming you've deactivated it elsewhere)

    Alternatively, if you haven't turned off your key on a previous server, you can hit the try SRM in the bottom left of the License Manager page and tick the features on for 30 days.  Then you can migrate over your storage arrays, export and import your custom properties/alerts, reports, etc., deactivate the key on your legacy machine, and activate the key on your new install.

    Just make sure you do all that work in 30 days or the temp key will expire.

  • I assume that I would need to use the Add License button in order to add the SRM license key?

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