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What are your thoughts on Hybrid Cloud, find it helpful?

Im looking into Hybrid Cloud. Would like to get input, like have you found it useful?

One problem with hosting Solarwinds - I have to host it behind my DMZ for security. So if I ever have to look into my equipment status I have to be on the Corp LAN or VPN.

Maybe this will allow me to look at my Solarwinds without being on the Corp LAN or VPN>>>?

  • Hybrid Cloud Observability is the on-premises product that was formerly the Orion Platform products.

    The name implies that you can monitor your "Hybrid Cloud" infrastructure - on-prem and cloud-based.  It's still a platform that you run on your own infrastructure.  What you could do, if you wanted, is host that install in AWS or Azure and then put your polling engines (with the Enterprise Scale edition) within your data centers.

    If you are looking for a SaaS-based option, I'd encourage you to sign up for SolarWinds Day where we'll be making a few announcements about additional products.

  • I could be wrong, but I don't think this will do what you want.

    Your polling engines are still going to be located below your DMZ. For remote access, you're going to want a VPN. If you built a backdoor into the cloud services from your home, you're creating holes in your security. Allowing your laptop or desktop to access SolarWinds stuff would mean you need additional ports and IPs opened to the outside world. That leaves you vulnerable.

    I'd only want the Hybrid Cloud portion to only talk to my SolarWinds products on the Corporate Network. If I did that, I could lock down every port and IP (with ACL) out to the cloud. That would be the safest option. 

  • Ditto to what Fred and KMSigma said. Keep your system behind the corp firewall, and the hybrid cloud is really the next generation of the Orion platform with different licensing. There is a bit more to it, but that is the short version.