Anyone have sample swql query for Drilldown widget in modern dashboard , explain how to use that drill down options?

  • I was playing around with this today, but I wasn't able to get anything to show for the status icons. I'm sure the "entity" in "entity formatting" is a hint to what kinds of resources are supposed to be used with this widget, but I couldn't figure it out with limited testing. Some documentation from SW would be great on this one. I did end up with a query where I could drill down through a few custom properties which was pretty neat, but having over 50% of the real estate of the widget taken up by status counts I can't get to work makes me sad haha.

  • Got a direct answer to a direct question on this a little before 2024.2 released, which was that documentation is coming, but they werent satisfied with it as a feature yet so it's only really half-released, and docs would follow when it's a bit more ready

    Please post what you've got so far though

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