Strange JMX monitor behavior. Flapping between up and unknown.

In our environment which was recently upgraded from 2020 to 2023.4.2 we are experiencing strange JMX monitoring behavior, the monitor goes from Up to Unknown after 5mins and then stays unknown for some time then goes back to up then to unknown. Monitoring was working fine before the upgrade.

Currently have a case with SW support Case # - 01583316 which is taking a long time for a resolution so I thought I would reach out to the community if anyone knows how to fix this issue?

We have deployed an additional poller, which was advised to us by support, and moved nodes over to the new poller, but this has not resolved our issue. The same behavior occurs. We are using agentless monitoring with WMI.

We have various error messages such as SolarWinds JMX Bridge service is not responding. Which we have confirmed that the service is running on the poller and the main server. Some JMX services are returning up status but not all of them, this is also intermittent, they transition to unknown after time.

Unexpected error occurred. Connection doesn't exist, it may have been closed, yet once again other JMX services are showing as up. We have used jconsole to confirm that connectivity is working from the additional poller.

If anyone has some advice it would be greatly appreciated!

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