Has anyone tried a dashboard like this?

If so, how? Any ideas would be helpful.

  • Trying to exactly replicate dashboards from other monitoring solutions is most likely bound to fail in my past experience.

    First you need to have the datapoints in the SolarWinds platform.

    once you have it monitored somewhere, you then can see how to visualise it.

    as the data is stored in the database you can query it through SWQL.
    the historical things for me sound like a 3-state KPI widget, but this needs to be analysed once the data is there.

  • I'll concur with that  said.  This is 100% possible, even if it won't be graphically identical to the above representation.  The first thing you need to do is get the data into the solution.  Once it's there, then we can help summarize and pull the data back out.  This feels more like a Map rather than a Dashboard, but that's neither here nor there at this time.

  • HerrDoktor and KMSigma.SWI, thank you both for your replies.  More to follow.

  • I agree with both @H and @ . We used to do similar dashboards using a Map and an image as a background. We had a very large string of jobs that the mainframe would process nightly and if any of the jobs ran late or failed the overall process failed. We drew the whole job stream out and the scheduling software had the ability to execute a program when jobs started and completed. We had the scheduling software send sylogs with the start/finish/fail status and used SAM to extract those fields from the database and update icons on the map. Used another similar method to display if SQL clusters were running on the primary or secondary and what data center they were active in as well as the response time to simple queries. The diagram above looks like you are trying to ingest data from some type of log collection tool? 

  • In the past I used to sink a LOT of time into building GUI's and layouts like this but over time I found that as I got better at SQL it was just easier/faster/more flexible to just write out as a SQL query that captures all the same info and lays it out in a table. Still able to get all the color coordination and highlighting and such that we needed to make it work. If the situations changed in a year or two it was trivial to update the queries compared to the effort of building and keeping graphical dashboards up to date. 

    You could accomplish all you have in that display with SQL in a report.

  • Is this request for a ETL / ELT / Data pipeline dashboard, by any chance? Just trying to work through a few mental gymnastics on the topic. Thanks!