Remote Desktop Connection is supported only in Microsoft Internet Explorer. Are you kidding me Solarwinds?!?

It's 2024. This product is a joke! First your garbage tech support and now this....

  • They have another product that is more suited for RMM stuff, if that's what you aim for. N-Able N-central(previously known as Solarwinds N-Central before they got hacked), however this is agent based and the agent tends to break every now and then, which can be a pain to fix if a simple uninstall and reinstall doesn't work. Overall I preferred N-central to Solarwinds HCO. Far more automation/self healing capability and visibility into your environment.

    Ncentral has a built in chat to their support agents, if any are available, so most of the time you can get support on the spot, if no agents are available it will log a ticket and they will get back to you on the same day.

    Licensing is also different where you are charged per server or workstation(servers being more expensive) .

    N-central also integrates Bitdefender and SentinelOne into their console.Which is nice to manage from a central console. These products are add-ons to licensing, so you will be charged based on usage.