What are you favorite widgets for a node/application/interface details page?

All, I'm interested to know what are your favorite widgets when you drill into a details page (node, application, interface, etc). Anything out of the box or anything custom that you couldn't live without?

  • A widget that displays the root cause of the object in distress (threshold+alerts)
    A widget that shows which alerts apply to the currently viewed object.
    Finally, a widget that lists the historically triggered alerts as a count for the past 12 months.

  • Are those wish list widgets or do you have swql for them?  I have my own version of the last one, and to some extent the first one, but the second one would be magical if we had one that was reliable.

  • I replace the OOTB gauges with a much more compact custom query widget, i hate how much screen real estate the gauges use.

    I keep my most used widgets in the repo https://github.com/Mesverrum/MyPublicWork/tree/master/SWQL

    Similar to  's comment I have an alert history widget I add to the details page for every entity type in the platform. 

    I also have a bunch of custom query widgets I use to link parts of the platform together, like showing on the Node Details view if the IP's on a device are currently in IPAM or not, and similar from my UDT details views giving myself easy links back to the relevant nodes and IPAM pages.

    I don't have it in my public repo because it's a bit much for most people to manage, but I also have a custom SQL widget that I use to replace the OOTB Node Details widget, plus about 20 other widgets all in one much tighter package.  Cuts the vertical scrolling down by at least half compared to using the OOTB stuff.  I use the Custom SQL Report because it allows you to do some pretty deep stuff with HTML formatting that you can't really get any other way unless you jump whole hog over to writing your own javascript.

  • I am using those today on almost every object type. Still need to build a few variants for the likes of applications, transactions etc.
    The OOTB All Alerts this object can trigger resource needs improvement and it needs to be object agnostic so that it can work with all object types such as interfaces, applications etc.