Windows Update Schema is missing Critical updates. is it possible to add this?

I just noticed that the windowsupdates schema is missing an ability to see the amount of critical updates, you can see important and optional however.

Is there any way that the critical count of updates for a PC can be added to the schema?

I've got a great report running for all my windows devices but couldn't figure out why i wasn't seeing nodes that had critical updates in the report that I was seeing on the asset inventory.

Orion.AssetInventory.WindowsUpdates | Orion SDK Schemas (


Name Type Summary Access Control
NodeID System.Int32 everyone
IsEnabled System.Boolean everyone
ImportantCount System.Int32 everyone
OptionalCount System.Int32 everyone
LastSuccessDetectTime System.DateTime everyone
LastSuccessInstallTime System.DateTime everyone
InstallMethod System.Int32 everyone
ScheduledInstallDay System.Int32 everyone
ScheduledInstallHour System.Int32 everyone