Assistance Required for MIB File Validation on SolarWinds Platform

Hello THWACK Community, I'm seeking assistance with a MIB file I've developed, which passed online validation and Level 6 testing without errors, yet encounters issues when loaded onto the SolarWinds platform.

Despite its successful validation elsewhere, I'm facing error messages within SolarWinds, hindering its integration and use.

Could anyone recommend SolarWinds-specific tools or methods for MIB file validation to help troubleshoot and resolve this discrepancy? Your insights and guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!

  • To get a MIB added to our MIB database, you'll need to open a support ticket.

    From the MIB Database page:

    Want to add MIBs to the database?

    There are millions of OIDs out there, and every day, new devices and technologies with new MIBs are released. Every time we release a new version of a SolarWinds Orion Platform product, it comes packaged with the latest MIBs database. We also update and compile the MIBs database every two weeks if you want to update the MIBs database between product releases.

    Remember: You can create pollers and use the Trap Viewer without updating the MIBs database. Having an updated MIBs database just means that we're able to fill in the maximum number of blanks.

    Why update your MIBs database?

    We're happy to add MIBs to our MIBs database! Just open a support case and attach the MIB files from your device's vendor. We'll send the ticket and attached MIB files to our MIB team, and they'll take it from there. The MIBs database is compiled once a week. You will be notified when the new database is made available.

  • Thank you for your reply.

    I'm seeking recommendations for SolarWinds-specific tools or methods for compiling MIB files. While my MIB functions properly on other SNMP managers, it encounters compilation failures and generates errors once loaded onto SolarWinds NPM. Any insights or guidance you can offer would be greatly appreciated.

  • You can't import MIBs yourself - we do our own internal checks and roll them into our own database.

  • Allow me to clarify. We have a MIB for our product that we intend to add to the SolarWinds MIB database. Before sharing it with you, I aim to ensure that the MIB undergoes thorough testing for potential errors for compilation. Are there any Solarwind-specific tools available that would allow me to test the MIB's compatibility with SolarWinds NPM before sharing it with you?

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