How to activate additional nodes in HCO

Hi - On one of my HCO installations, I need to increase my node count.   I have available licenses in the subscription.  So how do I increase it say from 725 to 800?

I see 2 paths:

1) Deactivate the 725, wait for it to sync back to Solarwinds.  Then activate 800.  The possible problem with this is Orion wouldn't be polling during the deactivate time.  I'm not sure how quick the deactivate process is to make the license available again.

2) Try to Add license, use the same key, and enter 75 as the quantity of nodes to activate.  My concern with this option is it might (?) replace the current 725 with 75.  And then I would be back to option 1 above.

What is the quickest method to increase the node count?  Again I have available licenses in the subscription.



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