Modern Dashboard Custom Property Filtering.

I am attempting to create several modern dashboards displaying information for a few different groups of servers. I have a custom property called Grouptag that I have setup and assigned to these servers. In my modern dashboard is a table showing the node name, CPU, and RAM utilization. I attempted to filter using the global filter in the URL but the table still shows all the nodes, not just the ones with the grouptag. Am I going about this wrong? I just want a dashboard that will display a select group of nodes with relevant information. 

with the nodes 

  • Howabout if you try this? Adding single-quotes around the text and an escape character to escape it in hopes it treats it like a string. This might not be necessary, maybe it's the query as noted below.


    The documentation has an example of using it with custom properties. See 

    From my personal testing of this capability... my 2 cents, this functionality could be incredibly useful (enabling dynamic dashboards / reports, re-usable dashboards etc). I doubt many folks are using it. It can't leverage custom properties with underscores in them due to the underscore being used as a special character in the syntax.

    It also appeared to matter the specific nature in which the SWQL query was created. For example if you use this SWQL query -- per the documentation this is exactly what the web UI is doing when attempting this. Notice how it's selecting the "Orion.NodesCustomProperties" in the FROM.

    FROM Orion.NodesCustomProperties AS n
    WITH FILTER ON Orion.NodesCustomProperties WHERE GROUPTAG = 'this' AND InstanceSiteId = 0

    If you switch that around to use Orion.Nodes (which is likely what the query is looking at in your widget), it will likely not work.

    FROM Orion.Nodes AS n
    WITH FILTER ON Orion.NodesCustomProperties WHERE GROUPTAG = 'this' AND InstanceSiteId = 0

    The point being is that it matters what query you're using inside your OSI Corp Servers widget.

    Anywho I hope this information helps, since you're in a good spot with a custom property that could actually be used with this, just need to adjust your URI syntax maybe and perhaps the SWQL query used in the widget.

  • Yes, I tried quotes before. It changes the syntax to this.


    The results are not filtered. Here is the SWQL query for the OSI CORP Servers table.

    SELECT TOP 10 n.Caption
    FROM Orion.Nodes n

  • Crazy experiment - what happens if you change the query to start on the Orion.NodesCustomProperties entity?

    SELECT TOP 10 [NCP].Node.Caption
    FROM Orion.NodesCustomProperties AS [NCP]

  • It worked! I was able to filer with the original URI filter. I had to create a new widget with just the SWQL query but I got it. Thank you very much.

  • I like this, opens up some cool possibilities for dynamic dashboard generation as long as we can always tie the widgets we display to a common entity type.

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