Modern Dashboard: Higher is better

Hi Everyone. I just move one of my report to modern dashboard but I'm getting an "issue" how the data is presented. My free space % is showing alerts even it has a lot of space available. In report there is a option where "Higher is Better" is it possible to achieve this in modern dashboard. thank you

Format: Threshold Value

Visualization: Add a linear bar chart

Threshold: Storage Capacity Usage (VIM.Datastores.Stats.Usage)

  • So if you are pulling from the volumes table (Orion.Volumes), that is definitly the wrong threshold to use.  I personally haven't seen datastores flagged with drive letters before.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong, but I'm going to go off a couple of assumptions.  On your query you are utilzing VolumePercentUsed (Column: Disk Usage %) and VolumePercentAvailable (Free Space %).

    For the Disk Usage % you should use the following:
    Format:  Threshold Value
    Thresholds:  Percent Disk Space Used (Volume)

    Now for the VolumePercentAvailable/FreeSpace% there is not a threshold value for Low is good.  The thresholds options are based off of the various native thresholds that you can set in SolarWinds, and one for that specific result doesn't exist.   I double checked and it appears there isn't an option for custom thresholds (would be nice) on a table (KPI allows it, but that isn't viable for your report).  So on that, you would probably be better off just switching your Free Space to be a simple number.