Solarwinds deployment


We are deploying solarwinds in our company, what is best practice for deployment of solarwinds and why? Cloud(Azure/AWS) or On-prem?

  • Honestly, the answer is it depends. A simple rule of thumb - if most of your monitored devices are on-prem, deploy SolarWinds on-prem but if you are monitoring cloud infrastructure, deploy SW on the cloud. Be mindful of cloud charges though - they will charge you for almost everything - Compute instances, Database instances, network traffic ..

  • I completely agree with  , but you will as well need to consider several other factors, firstly what is that you or your company would need out of this deployment ? When you did mention Why ? This is something that you will need to come up with after thinking about every aspect.

    1. Where is majority of your infrastructure placed - which Ravi did highlight on.

    2. Costing - figure out how much will it cost on cloud and how much would it cost on On-Prem. This not only depends on your initial cost but operational cost as well. Deployment cost + How much would they charge in the upcoming years (Operational Cost)

    3. Where exactly do you place your SolarWinds servers - this also depends on your Network, hence find out from your engineers is it best to place it on cloud or on-prem based on network latency and other factors (network traffic and how does the traffic traverse from SolarWinds servers to end devices that you want to monitor), these factors are equally important to have a healthy monitoring system, if not it adds additional performance issues on your SolarWinds platform and in certain cases there could be data gaps as well if you dont place it in a proper place in your environment.

    4. How frequently does your platform size increase ? Building it initially wont be a big deal as you will have all the details in place, but then what next ? How does your device infrastructure scale ? Is it in a greater scale or the number of devices that you monitor would be almost the same on a yearly basis. If you are sure that the number of devices that you monitor wont expand in a greater scale in that case On-Prem is still fine, reason is pretty simple expanding your On-Prem infrastructure isn't that flexible as there are several factors to it, but if you are on cloud upscaling or downscaling SolarWinds infrastructure to accommodate your needs is much easier.

    5. You will also need to consider Backup and Restore strategy for your SolarWinds infrastructure, if its On-Prem your environment should have a proper Backup and Recover strategy in place, if its on Cloud you can use the Backup and Restore mechanisms that are available on Cloud.

    6. Then comes your High Availability and Disaster Recover strategy. High Availability is still fine, you can create it for your SolarWinds Servers using SolarWinds HA, but for your database its a little different. If its on prem come up with a standard SQL AAG, if its on Cloud it again depends on what type of database you choose is it a Standard SQL on a VM or SQL PaaS (or any alternatives), think about this. Plus if Disaster recovery is mandatory in your environment then i would say its best to have a Hybrid setup. Cloud and On-Prem. Say suppose you have build your complete setup on Cloud in that case have your DR platform On-Prem, this is the best possible way so that you are covered well. If both your primary and DR is on a single platform in that case it is never a full fledged DR solution. Or you can as well choose to have them on 2 separate cloud vendors like say suppose Primary SolarWinds on Azure and DR on AWS or vice versa - again depends on how you want to set it up, but having both Primary and DR on a single platform is never a full fledged DR setup.

    7. Lastly, you can as well have a hybrid setup for your primary instance provided there is connectivity and network latency is less between them. Say suppose your Primary poller is on Azure Cloud, you can still have Additional pollers on AWS or On-Prem to keep them close to the end devices that you are monitoring.

    In simple terms, based on all these factors (plus a few that i have missed like controls as well) you will need to choose what's best for your company based on cost, scaling, controls and maintenance/operations. Hope this helps. 

  • What would you recommend without knowing anything about Infrastructure or any other details

  • I have done both Cloud and On-Prem. This is how i see it:

    1. I have always liked On-Prem, but then those days are gone, companies don't really have a big chunk of Datacenters that they manage all by themselves anymore.

    2. It's all cloud that most companies are moving towards, if you are looking at a simplified approach then Cloud should be a good fit for now. You never know in future if you are planning to expand your SolarWinds line of products you might as well go with SolarWinds SaaS Observability suite. 

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    3. I am not sure how big or small your SolarWinds setup is, if its only a few modules that you are interested in then the easiest approach would be to install it on cloud.  

    Hope this helps.