Offline Installer missing from ISO download

We recently decided to update to 2023.3 , We download the offline installer from the SolarWinds customer portal, while performing a dry run of the upgrade.

We noticed that after unblocking and mounting the ISO file, we did not see the offline installer file.

Case has been raised for it #01510342 , But we have not received a proper response for it yet.

  • Not sure if you got this fixed already, but I would suggest reaching out to the support team or your sales rep for the latest offline installer, they should be able to get you a direct download link for it so that way you have everything in the .iso.

    I know 2023.3 was an absolute nightmare of an upgrade because of the bugs in it, which thankfully they fixed them with the 2023.3.1 update. Current version I believe is 2023.4 and I think 2024.1 should be coming out soon? I know I've seen the 2024.1 RC2 release candidate in the customer portal

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