VMAN reports

Can EOC (2023.3) generate VMAN based reports from connected sites?   I can't even get the report to import, neither via file or connected sites.  EOC gives the import successful message but the report is not there.



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  • No errors.  In fact the import wizard says "success" but the report doesn't show in EOC.  I tried a manual export from the Orion node and manual import in EOC.  I also tried Import from Orion Site.   Both the same.

    Based on your confirmation, I tried to import a different snap report and it imported.   Which then reminded me that the one I was trying was a "Duplicate and Edit" version of the report where I just deleted a couple of fields and added the snap description field.  So not truly an "out of the box" report like I originally stated.

    It would be nice if the import reported a failed and a reason.   Now I'm off to see if I can "duplicate and edit" again in EOC to get our desired report.

    Thanks for confirming!

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