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EOC Dashboard Problem - Node X is not in the Nodes table

I have TWO Solarwinds sites. I have created a modern dashboard for our NOC to use.

Here is the SWQL query

SELECT n.Caption,n.LastBoot,n.Status,n.DetailsUrl FROM Orion.Nodes n WHERE (Status = 2 OR Status = 3 OR Status = 14) AND InstanceSiteId IN(1, 2)

I have configured the node to be a clickable link using the Details.URL property, however when I click one of the nodes I get the following error: -

Node X is not in the Nodes table

When I hover the mouse pointer over a node in the Enterprise summary page, the link to the object is


However if I hover my mouse pointer over the same object in the SOC Dashboard, the link is


Notice that the links are different. The Enterprise Summary includes /Server/1/ so it knows which of the two instances of Orion to locate node 156.
The SOC Dashboard does not include /Server/1/ and therefore it cannot find node 156.

SolarWInds support looked at this for two weeks and have no told me they don't support customer queries, which is incredibly frustrating and just really poor service considering that the EOC license is ~10k.

Why is the dashboard using a different URL for the node and how can I rectify this?