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Socket connection error

Has anyone seen this error, if so, what was root cause or solution?

Error: The socket connection was aborted. This could be caused by an error processing your message or a receive timeout being exceeded by the remote host, or an underlying network resource issue. Local socket timeout was '01:00:00'.

I am using EOC 1.2 sp1. Thanks

  • So are you seeing this on the home page or just in log files?  Can you provide a screenshot if it is on the home page?  I may know the error that you are referring to, but just want to make sure.




  • cant do a screen shot since it is on a closed network. pretty much just has it in big red text in the Global Active Alerts section on my home page..



  • Since you're in a closed network, can you run the SolarwindsDiagnostics.exe file that is by default at:

    C:\Program Files\SolarWinds\EOC\bin

    Open up the zip file that it creates and then navigate within it to \DBInfo\TableRowCounts.csv and open that in Excel.  Select all rows and do a "custom sort" on the rows column.  Then let me know what the top 10 tables with the highest row counts?


  • Top 10 are

    EOC_TrapVarbind , EOC_Event , EOC_Trap , EOC_Syslog , EOC_InterfaceCore , EOC_INterfaceCustomProperties , EOC_NodeCore , EOC_NodeCustomProperties , EOC_OrionCustomPollerAssignment , EOC_VolumeCore

  • Sorry, the number of rows in that in the top 10 are important for me as well to understand if the size of the datasets that are causing the issue.  Can you open up the EOC.PollingService.log files and see if there are errors in there that are time out type of errors as well?

  • Change of plan.  The tech support lead for EOC suggests that you call this in so that we can address your issue quicker.



  • TrapVarbind - 4754

    Event - 2465

    Trap - 2321

    Syslog - 2000

    InterfaceCore - 1035

    InterfaceCustomProperties - 1035

    NodeCore - 760

    NodeCustom Properties - 760

    OrionCustomPollerAssignment - 707

    VolumeCore - 515

  • Thank Goodness some one else was seeing this. I just haven't gotten around to opening a ticket on it. Needless to say I am seeing this as well but I thought it was related to the DST change as I started to see it shortly there after.

    Anxious to see a resolution.

  • I would like to see if we can do it on in no rush right now so maybe if others are seeing it like sotherls then we can all find it on thwack so you guys dont have to keep getting tickets and calls..

  • So, how often does this occur for either of you?  Does this happen to occur just right after you restart any of the SolarWinds services?  Does it only happen when the view initially loads, or does it happen when you press F5 and/or when the page automatically refreshes?

    From the table counts that you provided, I wouldn't expect this to be a database processing issue.  For either of you, is the database on a remote machine or on the local EOC install?  For one customer, he moved the database to his local EOC install machine, and received much better performance.  But suficit to say, we did have some performance issues in the way that we called the database so much, so also for that customer we did create a hotfix to address the issues as well.  Unfortunately, that hotfix is only available if you call it in and we determine that it is likely to address your issue.