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Application Monitors on an EOC Dashboard?

Perhaps I'm losing my mind, but does EOC 2.0 really not have a way to easily display the status of various application monitors from various SAM instances?  I do not see the resources of "All Applications" or "Applications with Problems" that are used constantly in our individual Orion dashboards...

  • mwb​ - Perhaps I can assist.  The two resources you mentioned have historically been in the EOC 1.6.3 version, but referred to as Global All Applications, and Global Applications with problems - which I can demonstrate a general example of here:


    Here is what the standard Orion Instance resources look like as well


    You are correct, these resources are not available in EOC 2.0, or the upcoming 2.1 release.    However, I am curious if you attempted to leverage one of the Summary Tile resources?  The resources you mentioned provide lists of info, and the two resources are a bit repetitive in the data they represent.  If these lists get large, then users are spending their time scrolling through through these lists to determine which applications are in what status.  With the new Summary Tiles, we can get much of the same info rolled up into a single widget.  For example:


    This resource is customizable, allowing a user to choose how to segment the data set they are after, and allows for quick insight into the status of each application through a couple clicks.  You could also pair this with a resource such as the following:


    These are just some general examples but this should allow you to create similar if not better dashboards than you have had before.  I noticed you joined the EOC 2.1 Beta forum which will provide some news on changes from 2.0 to the 2.1 release which makes customization even easier.

    Hopefully this helps!