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EOC v1.6.2.38 how to filter specific messages for display in EOC

I'm trying to write a SWQL query that allows me to filter certain messages coming from our UPS systems, and can't get it working.

You can see we are capturing messages shown WITHOUT a filter applied,

Syslog in EOC unfiltered.PNG

followed by verifying an example of an actual 'Hostname' resolution, and Syslog 'Message' column of node category I want to filter on, whose message field includes keyword 'UPS'

Syslog message example UPS system in EOC.PNG

Now, seeing the EOC SWQL query parameters,

Syslog resources for use in EOC filter.PNG

I attempted and failed to filter using a

1.)  Node like '%ups%'

2.)  Node.Caption like '%ups%', and a

3.)  SysLog like '%UPS%'

Syslog filter selection not working.PNG

Syslog filter selection not working by syslog msg.PNG

is EOC v1.6.2 not capable of filtering or am I fat fingering something in my SWQL syntax? I read a very old thread it wasn't possible, but that article was like 8 years ago