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Request timed out - again

I am about to give up on EOC altogether....

I 'frequently' get the 'Request timed out' errors on my web console. I thought it was due to a server which was co-hosting other non-Solarwinds applications so I moved it to a dedicated server meeting or exceeding the specs and is only running EOC. It is running SQL 2005 Standard.

I just got it reloaded after some major effort and while waiting and waiting for a screen to may or may not display I frequently will get the above error. Sometimes if I hit refresh or click on another menu bar link it may or may not display the page.

What can I do to fix this? We are supposed to be rolling this out as our enterprise view and so far I have no faith in the product. If I roll out what I have I will probably be shot...

Thoughts or constructive advice welcomed.

  • Is this happening on a certain page or on all pages?  If it is happening on a certain page which resources are on that page?

    Have you contacted our support about this issue?  If so, what is your case # and I'll try to help you out.

  • Normally it is on my home page which has 3 columns arranged like:

    Site1 Global Node Status                Network Map                       Global All Applications
    Site2 Global Node Status                Global Down Nodes             Global Nodes with High CPU Load
                                                           Global Active Alerts


    I created a similar view which is a link on the menu bar and when I click on it it gives me the error as well. It is layed out like:

    Critical Node Status                        Network Map                       Network Map
                                                                                                       Application Status

    I currently have 4 Orion servers added to EOC - distributed across the US.

  • Did you get this fixed. I am getting Request Timed out website error's frequently. I have 3 environments(Seperate NPM's and SQL servers) and all rolled up to EOC. Last week i shutdown EOC and the issue did not occur over the weekend. I restarted EOC yesterday and this morning i had teh error on all 3 environments.

  • If I understood it correctly, when you turn your EOC on, you can see Request Timeout errors on your NPM servers? If so, I propose to open a support ticket for this.



  • Did you ever get resolution for "Request timed out" error? I am having the same issue and I can't seem to get this resolved

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