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Request timed out - again

I am about to give up on EOC altogether....

I 'frequently' get the 'Request timed out' errors on my web console. I thought it was due to a server which was co-hosting other non-Solarwinds applications so I moved it to a dedicated server meeting or exceeding the specs and is only running EOC. It is running SQL 2005 Standard.

I just got it reloaded after some major effort and while waiting and waiting for a screen to may or may not display I frequently will get the above error. Sometimes if I hit refresh or click on another menu bar link it may or may not display the page.

What can I do to fix this? We are supposed to be rolling this out as our enterprise view and so far I have no faith in the product. If I roll out what I have I will probably be shot...

Thoughts or constructive advice welcomed.

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  • Hi jblankjblank​,

    We have been facing this issue since 10 days and it happens while login to Orion Web Console. It is an intermittent issue. When we launch LogAdjuster.exe and enable Hubble Active, it shows a red (rather pink) bar on the console. When the Database time is less, users are able to login, when it is high some of the users are not able to login and getting the Requested timed out. It is just a work around, I believe. Is there a permanent fix for this or any suggestion whether DB server memory needs to be increased, etc.?

  • uniswtc​ can you confirm or provide screenshots of the web-console you are logging into?  This particular thread was focused on The Enterprise Operations Console.  There are certainly a number of things that can be done, and perhaps I can point you in an appropriate path.

  • Check the Database Disk configuration (just 1 disk, a RAID?), check the SQL Server memory to see if all is allocated to the SQL Process (add more RAM)& 4 CPU Cores. IIS gives the loading 120 seconds to retrieve the data by default. If the SQL Server is too busy, a Request Timed Out will be displayed on the page.

    With Hubble enabled in Log Adjuster, the Red bar on the web console can expand out to show the SWQL and SQL statements and loading times. Check the response time that is reported back on the page.

    If you see a certain scenario where the page loads, the graphs take a while then all load, then simultaneously render, you probably have RAID 5 configured and it write parity delay is causing performance problems on the SQL Database.

  • Hi jblankjblank​, thank you for your details write up. Yes, it really helps us. We also suspected the memory and multiple sessions are closed directly (Remotely) might be causing. I will pass your suggestions and check on those Disk related as well. The SQL server is allowed to use maximum memory available.

  • You are welcome however that write up is from one of my colleagues here at SW - sean.martinez who has seen it all and is a great follow on Thwack.  Thanks Sean!